Day 65 | Suffer Little Children

March 7, 2015 - WEEK TEN

Carl Heinrich Bloch, Christ with Children, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


Matthew 18:1-10, 19:1-15
Mark 9:33-37. 10:1-16
Luke 9:46-48, 18:15-17

For Younger Disciples


  • Can you imagine how the child felt whom Jesus sat in the disciples’ midst as a role model?
  • How can we “receive the kingdom of God as a little child”? (Mark 10:15)


God, in His infinite mercy, has revealed to us a great truth. It is a truth that, when understood by us, gives a new light to our existence, and inspires us with the most exalted hopes. That truth is that God is our Father, and we are His children…. That we are just as much His children as our offspring are our children; that He begot us; and that we existed with Him in the family relationship as His children. What an immensity of vision is given to us in this truth! What a field of reflection! And how our hearts should be inspired with great hopes and anticipations, to think That the Being under whose direction this earth was organized, who Governs the planets and controls the universe, who causes the rotation of the seasons and makes this earth so beautiful, such a delightful place of habitation, is our Father, and that we are His children, descended from Him! What illimitable hopes the knowledge of this inspires us with!

Now, this is the truth. We humble people; we who feel ourselves sometimes so worthless, so good-for-nothing; we are not so worthless as we think. There is not one of us but what God’s love has been expended upon. There is not one of us that He has not cared for and caressed. There is not one of us that He has not desired to save, and that He has not devised means to save. There is not one of us that He has not given His angels charge concerning. … They watch over us, and are, to a certain extent, doubtless, responsible for the watchcare that they exercise over us, just as we are responsible for any duty that is assigned us.

This is one great truth that has been revealed to us. And with this truth is this kindred truth: that we dwelt in the presence of our Father; that we are the brothers and sisters, of that great and exalted Being who helped create the heavens and the earth, namely, Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Redeemer (George Q. Cannon, Contributor, vol. 11, 476–77).



Proclamation Series:


Jesus Blesses the Children


  • If Jesus visited our Ward some Sunday, where do you think he would go? Hint: there are small chairs there.
  • Why do you think Jesus enjoys being with children?


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