Day 44 | Hear, and Understand

June 14, 2015 - WEEK SEVEN

Jean Germain Drouais, The Woman of Canaan at the Feet of Christ, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


Matthew 15:1-28
Mark 7

For Younger Disciples


  • What is required for miraculous healing to take place?
  • How do bad thoughts and behaviors defile a person?
  • How is the higher law of Jesus superior to the law of Moses?


The law of Moses was a good law and was adapted to the capacities of people who were not living as high a standard as required in the gospel. The gospel is the law of Christ.

Through the centuries after Moses, well-meaning but uninspired Jewish religious philosophers … put ‘a hedge around the law’ (as they called it). In so doing they invented many burdens and excessive legal requirements as safeguards to preserve the law. These inventions were the “traditions of the elders,” or the “oral law.”

By the time of Jesus, the spirit of the law had been smothered in interpretations and definitions. Intricate definitions were given concerning Sabbath day activities, ceremonial cleansing and purification, eating habits, washing of pots and pans, washing of hands, tying of knots, Sabbath-day travel, and so forth….

When Jesus and his disciples refused to heed the many traditions developed by the scribes and rabbis, they came under criticism of the rulers. Jesus obeyed every provision of the law of Moses; in fact, it was he who gave the law (3 Ne. 15:5), but he was not under any obligation to obey the traditions that the Jews themselves had added.… He informed them that they were neglecting ‘the weightier matters of the law’ while observing the lesser (Matt. 23:23), and that their traditions were preventing them from keeping the commandments of God (Robert J. Matthews, “Tradition, Testimony, Transfiguration, and Keys,” in Robert L. Millet, Kent P. Jackson ed., Studies in Scripture, Vol. 5: The Gospels, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1986, 297–298).


O Remember, Remember


Jesus Heals a Deaf Man



  • Are you the kind of friend who would lead one of your friends to Jesus to be healed?
  • What power does Jesus use in performing miracles?


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