Day 78 | I Know You Not

January 21, 2015 - WEEK TWELVE

Friedrich Wilhelm Schadow, The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins (Detail), [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Matthew 25
John 12:20-50
D&C 45:56-59

For Younger Disciples


  • What does the parable of the ten virgins teach us about Christ?
  • Might He really deny entrance into the Kingdom to those who procrastinated their preparation?
  • How can we “be watchful”?


For years I wrestled with the meaning of the parable of the ten virgins…. The scene seemed so wrong, the message so counter to all that the Master had taught. Why couldn’t the wise virgins just share their oil? If each one just contributed a little, I reasoned, perhaps each one, or at least some, of the “foolish” ones could make it to the wedding to meet the Bridegroom. And then an experience taught me the answer to my query. While I was serving as a priesthood leader, a husband and wife came to see me. They were both distressed about the state of their marriage and family; things seemed to be coming apart in their lives. “How can I help?” I asked. “We need more spirituality in our home,” the wife answered. I asked a few questions. “How often do you pray as a family?” They answered that their schedules precluded any kind of family prayer. “Have you been able to hold family home evening?” “Bill and I bowl on Monday nights,” was the response. “Do you read the scriptures as a family or as individuals?” The answer from the husband: “Reading hurts my eyes.” “Well, then, how can I help you?” Again the reply: “We want the Spirit in our lives.”

It was as though they were saying to me, “Brother Millet, could you reach down into your heart and lend us five years of daily prayer, ten years of regular scripture study, and fifteen years of family spiritual activities?” I couldn’t do it. I realized dramatically that there are some things that we simply cannot share. I also came to appreciate that like the small oil lamps of the Middle East, which require a careful and methodical and slow effort to fill, so in our own lives we need to build our reservoirs of faith and spiritual experience gradually and consistently (Robert L. Millet, Steadfast and Immovable: Striving for Spiritual Maturity, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1992, 33).


They That Are Wise


The Ten Virgins


  • How can you increase your oil?
  • Wouldn’t it be sad to find out that we were not ready to meet Jesus when he comes again?


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