Day 70 | Power of the Gospel

March 7, 2015 - WEEK TEN

J. Kirk Richards, Gethsemane,
Used with artist’s permission.


There is no scripture reading assigned today. Use this day to catch up as needed and ponder the supplemental reading.

For Younger Disciples


Can you tell me where the people are who will be shielded and protected from these great calamities and judgments which are even now at our door? I’ll tell you. The priesthood of God who honor their priesthood, and who are worthy of their blessings are the only ones who shall have this safety and protection. They are the only mortal beings. No other people have a right to be shielded from these judgments. They are at our very doors; not even this people will escape them entirely. They will come down like the judgments of Sodom and Gomorrah. And none but the priesthoods will be safe from their fury. God has held the angels of destruction for many years, lest they should reap down the wheat with the tares. But I want to tell you now, that those angels have left the portals of heaven, and they stand over this people and this nation now, and are hovering over the earth waiting to pour out the judgments. And from this very day they shall be poured out. Calamities and troubles are increasing in the earth, and there is a meaning to these things. Remember this, and reflect upon these matters. If you do your duty, and I do my duty, we’ll have protection, and shall pass through the afflictions in peace and in safety…. Great changes are at our doors. The next twenty years will see mighty changes among the nations of the earth.* You will live to see these things, whether I do or not. I have felt oppressed with the weight of these matters, and I felt I must speak of them here. It’s by the power of the gospel that we shall escape (Wilford Woodruff, Young Women’s Journal, Aug. 1894, 512–513).

*On June 28, 1914—almost exactly twenty years after Wilford Woodruff’s prophecy—a Serbian nationalist assassinated Franz Ferdinand, the crown prince of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, and within a week, Russia, Belgium, France, Great Britain and Serbia lined up against Austria-Hungary and Germany, and World War I began.


The Pilgrim Song


Parable of the Talents


  • Do you have talents you could make better use of?
  • Isn’t it interesting that the first and second servants received the same reward even though the first returned much more? What do you think that means?


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