Day 73 | What Think Ye?

February 14, 2015 - WEEK ELEVEN

James Tissot, Widow’s Mite, Brooklyn Museum, Purchased by public subscription.


Matthew 22:34-46, 23:1-39
Mark 12:28-44
Luke 20:41-47, 21:1-4

For Younger Disciples


  • What effect did Christ’s understanding of the scriptures have on those who wanted to confound him?
  • Why does Jesus make the point about being David’s son in Luke 20?


[The Savior’s] clear, concise, unmistakable restatement of the Decalogue reduces the ten laws, the “thou shalt nots,” as they are often called, to two simple admonitions containing the element of love—love the Lord and love thy neighbor.

He loves the Lord with all his heart who loves nothing in comparison of him, and nothing but in reference to him, who is ready to give up, do, or suffer anything in order to please and glorify him. He loves God with all his soul, or rather with all his life, who is ready to give up life for his sake and to be deprived of the comforts of the world to glorify him. He loves God with all his strength who exerts all the powers of his body and soul in the service of God. He loves God with all his mind who applies himself only to know God and his will, who sees God in all things and acknowledges him in all ways.

The love of our neighbor springs from the love of God as its source, and the love of God is found in the love of our neighbor….

How happy the children of the earth would be if these two simple precepts, which encompass the law given to Israel, could be observed…. As one reads of the wanderings of the Israelites in their quest for the promised land, this query comes to mind: Why did they not understand and follow the prophet of the Lord? As we think of the progress of man over the centuries which have followed and the great scientific achievements he has wrought, we marvel at the advance. But has man really achieved in living the simple commandments to love his neighbor and to love the Lord? Are we still wandering in the barren Sinai wilderness? (Howard W. Hunter, “‘And God Spake All These Words…'” Conference Report, Apr. 1965, 55–58).



The Greatest


Jesus Teaches about
the Widow’s Mite


The Widow’s Mite


  • Do you know that when you honestly pay pennies in tithing, the Lord is more pleased with you than he is with the person that gives thousands of dollars, but, maybe, was not completely honest about what he paid?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you are only giving mites?


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