How to Use

James Tissot, The Adulterous Woman Alone with Jesus, Brooklyn Museum, Purchased by public subscription.

We invite you to use this study guide as a tool to increase your knowledge and love for our Savior, Jesus Christ. The reading for each day includes approximately 50-75 verses of scripture (about 10-15 minutes of reading per day), with questions to ponder and commentary from non-scriptural sources. We suggest you read the questions before turning to that day’s scriptures.

Perhaps most importantly, we hope you will use the website comment section to participate in a dialogue, sharing your questions, comments, and feelings about each reading assignment. We hope you will find this feature as rewarding as we envision.

We have also included material especially suited to children or youth, with accompanying questions to help them ponder more deeply the life of our Savior. Their comments are also encouraged in the daily discussions.

Please feel free to share this site, as well as Feed My Sheep, A Study Guide, with any who might be interested.