Day 93 | It Is Finished

January 1, 2015 - WEEK FOURTEEN

Carl Heinrich Bloch, Christ at the Cross, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


Matt 27:50-56
Mark 15:33-41
Luke 23:44-49
John 19:28-30
3 Nephi 8

For Younger Disciples


  • Have you ever felt similar darkness and despair when you, by your conduct, are separated from God?
  • As a spirit awaiting your turn on Earth, imagine your feelings as you witnessed this seminal event. Were you happier for the victory or sadder for the suffering?
  • How do we need to rent the veil that keeps us from coming unto Christ?


In that hour I think I can see our dear Father behind the veil looking upon these dying struggles until even he could not endure it any longer; and, like the mother who bids farewell to her dying child, has to be taken out of the room, so as not to look upon the last struggles, so he bowed his head, and hid in some part of his universe, his great heart almost breaking for the love that he had for his Son. Oh, in that moment when he might have saved his Son, I thank him and praise him that he did not fail us, for he had not only the love of his Son in mind, but he also had love for us. I rejoice that he did not interfere, and that his love for us made it possible for him to endure to look upon the sufferings of his Son and give him finally to us, our Savior and our Redeemer. Without him, without his sacrifice, we would have remained, and we would never have come glorified into his presence. And so this is what it cost, in part, for our Father in Heaven to give the gift of his Son unto men.

How do I appreciate the gift? If I only knew what it cost our Father to give his Son, if I only knew how essential it was that I should have that Son and that I should receive the spiritual life that comes from that Son, I am sure I would always be present at the sacrament table to do honor to the gift that has come unto us, for I realize that the Father has said that he, the Lord, our God, is a jealous God—jealous lest we should ignore and forget and slight his greatest gift unto us (Melvin J. Ballard, “Classic Discourses from the General Authorities: The Sacramental Covenant,” Ensign, Jan. 1976, 152–155).


Mary, Mother
of Jesus


To This End Was I
Born—Jesus is Scourged
and Carries His Cross


  • Do you think Jesus thought of you while he was going through this?
  • Do you believe he suffered so you would not have to suffer as he did?


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