Day 69 | Hosanna!

March 7, 2015 - WEEK TEN

James Tissot, The Procession in the Streets of Jerusalem, Brooklyn Museum, purchased by public subscription.


Matt 21:1–16
Mark 11:1–19
Luke 19:29–48
John 12:12–19

For Younger Disciples


  • How did Christ’s entry to Jerusalem demonstrate humility? Courage? Resolve? Are there circumstances in your life that require all of these qualities?
  • Where would these throngs of people shouting “Hosanna” be in a matter of days when Pilate asked what should become of Jesus?
  • What does it tell you about Christ that he can go from clearing the temple to healing the sick?


The purpose of Christ in thus yielding Himself for the day to the desires of the people and accepting their homage with kingly grace may not be fully comprehended by us of finite mind…. It was no meaningless pageantry; but the actual advent of the King into His royal city, and His entry into the temple, the house of the King of kings. He came riding on an ass, in token of peace, acclaimed by the Hosanna shouts of multitudes; not on a caparisoned steed with the panoply of combat and the accompaniment of bugle blasts and fanfare of trumpets…. [T]he Romans saw nothing to fear, perhaps much to smile at, in the spectacle of a King mounted upon an ass, and attended by subjects, who, though numerous, brandished no weapons but waved instead palm branches and myrtle sprigs….

Such triumphal entry of Jesus into the chief city of the Jews would have been strikingly inconsistent with the general tenor of His ministry in its early stages. Even the intimation that He was the Christ had been made with guarded care, if at all; and every manifestation of popular regard in which He might have figured as a national leader had been suppressed. Now, however, the hour of the great consummation was near at hand; the public acceptance of the nation’s homage, and the acknowledgment of both kingly and Messianic titles, constituted an open and official proclamation of His divine investiture. He had entered city and temple in such royal state as befitted the Prince of Peace (James E. Talmage, Jesus the Christ, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1915, 480).


The Lord’s Triumphal
Entry Into Jerusalem


The Savior Goes
to Jerusalem


  • What had the people heard about that caused them to honor Jesus when he entered the City?
  • Why did this frighten the Pharisees?


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