Day 38 | Kingdom of Heaven

July 7, 2015 - WEEK SIX

James Tissot, The Enemy Who Sows, Brooklyn Museum, Purchased by public subscription.


Matthew 13:24-58
JST-Matthew 13:39–44
Mark 4:21-34
Luke 8:16-18
D&C 86:1-7

For Younger Disciples


  • Why is teaching through parables so effective? Are the “things which have been kept secret” revealed to you in them? How can you gain a deeper understanding of Jesus’ parables?
  • How do you feel when tares of discord or immorality are sown in your home fields? Do the Savior’s words and methods apply here?


The tares here mentioned are typically viewed as the darnel weed, which is a species of bearded rye grass. When the two species of plants are young, they look very much like wheat. And as the darnel weed grows, its roots typically intertwine with the roots of the wheat. Thus, it is difficult to separate the two while they are growing without damaging the wheat. If darnel is harvested with the wheat and mixed into bread, it will bring a bitter taste; it causes dizziness and can act as a violent emetic. The darnel must therefore be separated from the wheat at harvest time.

Satan has taken upon himself a destructive mission in this world. It is his plan and desire to hurt us, to distract and disturb us, to seek to weaken us. In some cases he will seduce good seed into changing into bad. Other good seed he will weaken or harm by taking some of their nourishment. He often does this through his servants (the bad seed), who seek to turn us from our spiritual obligations and opportunities—receiving God’s word in our lives, communing with God in prayer, and serving God and man in a spirit of love….

What do the tares look like? Outwardly, they look just like the wheat. But inwardly they are carnal and sensual; they love falsehood (whether in religion, science, philosophy, or governmental system) more than they love truth” (Donald W. Parry and Jay Parry, Understanding the Parables of Jesus Christ, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2006, 7–9).


The Kingdom of Heaven


Home Grown Vegetables, a Story from The Friend


  • Why do you think God made weeds? How could that possibly show his love for us?
  • How is pulling weeds like repenting?


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