Day 43 | Be Made Whole

June 14, 2015 - WEEK SEVEN

Ivan Aivazovsky, Walking on Water, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Matthew 14:22-36
Mark 6:45-56
John 5

For Younger Disciples


  • What great blessing do you seek in your life right now? Are you making progress toward it?
  • In the Lord’s work, are you of good cheer?
  • When you do good, do you care who gets the credit?


[T]he apostles had rowed the equivalent of about seventy-five football fields against the wind. There are times in our lives when we toil, rowing against the wind. We are trying to make progress and sometimes it seems that there are forces that are against us. There may be some great blessing that we deeply desire. There may be some trial that we want deeply to be over. And it doesn’t seem like we are making any headway against the wind. We wonder if the Lord is listening.

Now we need to understand something about our Father in Heaven, and that is that He is a fourth watch God…. My problem is that I am a first watch person. Now there is something inside of me that understands that it is good for me to toil in rowing against the wind. But certainly by the second watch He would come. And when the second watch has passed and He still has not come… I [begin] to make some assumptions that are often dangerous to make—maybe you make the same. We begin to assume that, number one, He is not there…. And then we calm down and understand that He is there; He is always there. Then the second assumption is if He is there, He must not be listening. And then again, in calmer times—He always listens. Well then the third assumption is He must not care. No—He’s there, He listens, He cares. Maybe the most dangerous assumption, the fourth assumption is I must not be worthy. Now that fourth assumption we are probably correct on. But when has that ever stopped Him from responding; we are as worthy as we can be. We must assume that we have not yet reached the fourth watch; and He is a fourth watch God” (S. Michael Wilcox, “Bread or Stones: Understanding the God We Pray to,” Devotional Talk Given at Brigham Young University-Hawaii, March 31, 2009).


Jesus walks on Water


  • What made Peter start sinking?
  • What saved Peter? Does Christ put his hand out to save us?


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