Day 45 | They Did Eat

June 14, 2015 - WEEK SEVEN

James Tissot, Jesus Heals the Lame an the Blind on the Mountain, Brooklyn Museum, Purchased by public subscription.


Matthew 15:29-39, 16:1-12
Mark 8:1-21
Luke 9:10-17

For Younger Disciples


  • How can you discern false doctrine? Where is true doctrine sure to be found?
  • How does God feed you because of your faithfulness?


It is not by marvelous manifestations unto us that we shall be established in the truth, but it is by humility and faithful obedience to the commandments and laws of God. When I as a boy first started out in the ministry I would frequently go out and ask the Lord to show me some marvelous thing, in order that I might receive a testimony. But the Lord withheld marvels from me, and showed me the truth, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little, until he made me to know the truth from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, and until doubt and fear had been absolutely purged from me. He did not have to send an angel from the heavens to do this, nor did He have to speak with the trump of an archangel. By the whisperings of the still small voice of the spirit of the living God, He gave to me the testimony I possess. And by this principle and power He will give to all the children of men a knowledge of the truth that will stay with them, and it will make them to know the truth, as God knows it, and to do the will of the Father as Christ does it. And no amount of marvelous manifestations will ever accomplish this. It is obedience, humility and submission to the requirements of heaven and to the order established in the kingdom of God upon the earth that will establish men in the truth. Men may receive the visitation of angels; they may speak in tongues; they may interpret; they may prophesy; … but except they are faithful and pure in heart, they become an easy prey to the adversary of their souls, and he will lead them into darkness and unbelief more easily than others….

But the men and the women who are honest before God, who humbly plod along, doing their duty … will build up a foundation that the gates of hell cannot prevail against (Joseph F. Smith, Conference Report, April 1900, 40–42).


For God So
Loved the World


Doing His Father’s
Work on Earth



  • Have you ever felt sad that you could not be the first in doing something?
  • Can Jesus even help those that are not first?


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