James Tissot, Le Pater Noster (The Lord’s Prayer), Brooklyn Museum, Purchased by public subscription

Day One | Here Am I Send Me
Day Two | He Shall Be Called Jesus Christ
Day Three | Was Born Jesus
Day Four | Prophet of the Highest
Day Five | Handmaid of the Lord
Day Six | Her Firstborn Son
Day Seven | Did She Know?

Day Eight | Was Called Jesus
Day Nine | The Grace of God
Day Ten | Came John the Baptist
Day Eleven | I, John, Bear Record
Day Twelve | Having Set The Example
Day Thirteen | Angels Ministered
Day Fourteen | How Knoweth a Man?

Day Fifteen | Miracles Did Jesus
Day Sixteen | I That Speak
Day Seventeen | This Joseph’s Son
Day Eighteen | All Men Seek For Thee
Day Nineteen | They Forsook All
Day Twenty | Made for Man
Day Twenty-One | The Grandeur of God

Day Twenty-Two | Blessed Are Ye
Day Twenty-Three | I Have Chosen
Day Twenty-Four | Your Heart Be Also
Day Twenty-Five | What Judgment
Day Twenty-Six | By Their Fruits
Day Twenty-Seven | I Say Unto Thee Arise
Day Twenty-Eight | Alpha and Omega

Day Twenty-Nine | Be Not Afraid
Day Thirty | Else the Bottles Break
Day Thirty-One } Only Believe
Day Thirty-Two | He Gave Them Power
Day Thirty-Three | They Went Out
Day Thirty-Four | More Than a Prophet
Day Thirty-Five | Give Me All

Day Thirty-Six | I will Have Mercy
Day Thirty-Seven | The Sower Soweth
Day Thirty-Eight | Kingdom of Heaven
Day Thirty-Nine } A Just Man
Day Forty | And Two Small Fishes
Day Forty-One | I Am That Bread of Life
Day Forty-Two | The Dragon Skin

Day Forty-Three | Be Made Whole
Day Forty-Four | Hear and Understand
Day Forty-Five | They Did Eat
Day Forty-Six | Thou Art the Christ
Day Forty-Seven | Face Did Shine
Day Forty-Eight | Lord I Believe
Day Forty-Nine | Love the Lord

Day Fifty | I Will Follow Thee
Day Fifty-One | Rivers of Living Water
Day Fifty-Two | Go and Sin No More
Day Fifty-Three | Who Is My Neighbor?
Day Fifty-Four | Teach Us to Pray
Day Fifty-Five | Consider the Lilies
Day Fifty-Six | Becoming a Saint

Day Fifty-Seven | The Kingdom of God
Day Fifty-Eight | I Am the Light
Day Fifty-Nine | Shepherd of the Sheep
Day Sixty | Give This Man Place
Day Sixty-One | He Was Lost
Day Sixty-Two | Thy Brother Shall Rise
Day Sixty-Three | Free to Choose

Day Sixty-Four | Have Mercy On Us
Day Sixty-Five | Suffer Little Children
Day Sixty-Six | What Good Thing
Day Sixty-Seven | Made Thee Whole
Day Sixty-Eight | To Seek and to Save
Day Sixty-Nine | Hosanna!
Day Seventy | Power of the Gospel

Day Seventy-One | Did Ye Not Believe?
Day Seventy-Two | All Live Unto Him
Day Seventy-Three | What Think Ye?
Day Seventy-Four | For the Elect’s Sake
Day Seventy-Five | Take Ye Heed
Day Seventy-Six | Watch Ye Therefore
Day Seventy-Seven | Be of Good Cheer

Day Seventy-Eight | I Know You Not
Day Seventy-Nine | They Made Ready
Day Eighty | Take, Eat
Day Eighty-One | Unto The End
Day Eighty-Two | My Peace I Give
Day Eighty-Three | Let This Cup Pass
Day Eighty-Four | Fast Asleep

Day Eighty-Five | I Have Overcome
Day Eighty-Six | Betrayest Thou?
Day Eighty-Seven | Jesus Held His Peace
Day Eighty-Eight | I Know Not the Man
Day Eighty-Nine | The King of the Jews
Day Ninety | We Have No King
Day Ninety-One | Man of Sorrows

Day Ninety-Two | They Laid the Cross
Day Ninety-Three | It Is Finished
Day Ninety-Four | His Own New Tomb
Day Ninety-Five | Together in One
Day Ninety-Six | I Am Jesus Christ
Day Ninety-Seven | He Is Risen
Day Ninety-Eight | We Have Seen
Epilogue | Feed My Sheep