Day 75 | Take Heed

February 14, 2015 - WEEK ELEVEN

Enrique Simonet, He Wept over It, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


Matthew 24:23-31
JS-M 1:21-37
Mark 13:21-27
Luke 21:20-28
D&C 45:15-33

For Younger Disciples


  • Do you see “Jerusalem compassed with armies?” (Luke 21:20)
  • Why do we need to look for the signs of His coming?
  • How do we find peace in this turmoil?


Despair, Doom, and Discouragement are not acceptable views of life for a Latter-day Saint….

Yes, we all have difficult moments individually and collectively, but even in the most severe of times, anciently or modern, those problems and prophecies were never intended to do anything but bless the righteous and help those who are less righteous move toward repentance….

The scriptures … indicate that there will be seasons of time when the whole world will have some difficulty. We know that in our dispensation unrighteousness will, unfortunately, be quite evident, and it will bring its inevitable difficulties and pain and punishment. God will cut short that unrighteousness in his own due time, but our task is to live fully and faithfully and not worry ourselves sick about the woes of the world or when it will end. Our task is to have the gospel in our lives and to be a bright light, a city set on the hill, which reflects the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the joy and happiness that will always come to every people in every age who keep the commandments….

We need to have faith and hope, two of the great fundamental virtues of any discipleship of Christ. We must continue to exercise confidence in God, inasmuch as that is the first principle in our code of belief. We must believe that God has all power, that he loves us, and that his work will not be stopped or frustrated in our individual lives or in the world generally. He will bless us as a people because he always has blessed us as a people. He will bless us as individuals because he always has blessed us as individuals (Howard W. Hunter, “An Anchor to the Souls of Men,” Ensign, Oct. 1993, 70–73).



Preparing for the
Second Coming


The Second Coming of
Jesus Christ


  • How does Pres. Monson’s announcement about lowering the age for missionaries suggest that the second coming is getting closer?
  • What kind of people will be happy to see Jesus?


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