Day 14 | How Knoweth a Man?

November 10, 2015 - WEEK TWO

Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, The Wedding Feast at Cana, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


There is no scripture reading assigned today. Use this day to catch up as needed and ponder the supplemental reading.

For Younger Disciples


Knowing Christ is not only a prerequisite to salvation, but also the very essence of eternal life, for to know him is to be like him, and becoming like him is the whole object of the plan of salvation: “Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is” (1 John 3:2).

How can we come to know Christ as he really is? Three ways come to mind. The first is the purely spiritual dimension of revelation—knowledge of the living Christ that comes from trusting in him, praying in his name, and receiving inspiration and guidance from his spirit. “My sheep hear my voice” (John 10:27), he declared, and the better we heed that voice, the better we know the Master. The second way is that of discipleship: serving as he served. By acting as his true followers on the earth—feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, ministering to the poor—we come to know him by walking in the paths he walked. “For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?” (Mosiah 5:13). The third way to know Christ is by study, by reading and pondering the scriptural record of his life on earth. As the heaven-sent model of the perfect man, the embodiment of all virtue, we can hardly study his life and words enough. The New Testament gospels offer priceless accounts of his ministry and invaluable lessons about his personality, character, and transcendent greatness (Bruce D. Porter, King of Kings, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2000).


Jesus Turns Water
into Wine


Wedding in Cana


  • Why did Jesus turn water into wine?
  • What do you think his disciples thought about this miracle?


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